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A Dragon on the run…hunted for its magical essence and quickly running out of time.

Ronan, the Director of the Supernatural Enforcement Bureau tasked with finding, and keeping safe possibly the last Dragon alive.

Two worlds collide; a Vampire and a Dragon. The Dragon a beautiful young woman who loathes Vampires. The Vampire the powerful Director who's drawn to the beauty with violet eyes like a moth to a flame.

With rogue Vampires and dark-magic wielding Witches on her trail can they win the battle? Or will the earth lose the last Dragon to darkness?

The Dragon and The Vampire, Book 1 in New York Times and USA Today bestselling author A K Michaels' Supernatural Enforcement Bureau series, a thrilling and fast paced paranormal story that's filled with action and romance to keep you turning the pages into the wee hours of the night.

Buy the DRAGON AND THE VAMPIRE the beginning of this addictive and exciting series today!

September 4
A K Michaels

Customer Reviews

Scoobi09 ,


Ronan is a powerful vampire and head of the SEB, after getting reports of a group of hunters trying to capture a Dragon Shifter, thought to be the last known one in existence, Ronan and his team know they have to find and protect this rare supernatural being.

Enter Starr, Starr has spent her life in hiding and having to fight for survival because of the teams of hunters sent to capture her so they can use her blood for dark magic.
Starr has never felt safe, until Ronan comes into her life.
Ronan is drawn to Starr and comes to realise she is his mate, leading to some incredibly sizzling hot scenes.

This is a great story full of witches, vampires, wolves and a dragon,
I hope as this story continues in the next book we not only get to know Ronan and Starr better but some of the others too. Can't wait


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