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Slight movements are made that match the murmurs of the wind. Hands are placed on chins. Long awaited lifetime decisions once conjured are now being played into realism.

The air breathed weighs a heavy chemistry that lingers. It leaves a captive trance as this Queen pants. The aura of loves groove has changed. Firmaments become new as both of you grow increasingly anxious. We are awaiting the others anticipated approach.

To be known as: "No darling, it's your move."

However, this game battles your astuteness and challenges ones “SOUL” possession.

This is where a Queens’s innermost felt emotions are marked fragile underneath her breastplate. She must protect that who she is. All that is derived from her heart.

A Queen that longs to be caught in the rapture. She desires to be realized, relished, and ravished by The Ultimate. A Crowned King.

Not every player in the game is there to assist her on the paths chosen, intuition and inner voice are mandatory. They are the definitive to deciding who will reign.

What rest within his beautifully created checkered mantel? This is a very intimate poetically chosen ensemble. It’s a collection of expressive epitome featuring untainted love.

Its intense heat is released during romantic intervals in which there must be a balance, when respecting oneself and the spirit. Sub players portray to be more that what meets loves blindfolded side. Don’t be fooled by rookies, pawns or knights.

Open your eyes.
There is no escape.
Nowhere to flee.
No replays.
So what will it be?
The next move is yours.

Fiction & Literature
November 13

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