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Swim, Bike, Run is the ultimate triathlon book, from Olympic heroes the Brownlee brothers

The Olympic Triathlon, Hyde Park, London

August 7th 2012

'We jogged to our positions on the pontoon: two brothers, side by side, the world and everyone we ever cared about looking on. Eighteen years of training, culminating in this single race. Noise from the crowd impossible to imagine. Hearts thumping. Swim-hats pulled tight, goggles lowered. Into a crouch, poised for the hooter. Three. Two. One...'

This is the story of how two skinny lads from west Yorkshire became the best triathletes in the world.

Meet the Brownlees: Olympic Champion Alistair, World Champion Jonny. Brothers, training partners, rivals. They have obliterated the competition and set new standards for swimming, biking and running.

But the Brownlee brothers have never forgotten their roots. They still do their schoolboy hill runs and Dales rides; still train harder and longer than anyone; still push each other to new heights.

In this revealing, often very funny book they take us inside their world and inside their races. It's both a riveting story of brotherly rivalry and a rare insight into what it takes to be the best.

Swim, Bike, Run is also packed with training secrets. Whether you are thinking about your first triathlon or are a seasoned competitor, here are unique sections on how to swim, bike and run, and advice on nutrition, injury, and mental approach. With the Brownlees in your corner, you will do more than you ever thought possible.

This book is essential reading for anyone interested in swimming, cycling and running and will be loved by readers of Mark Cavendish's Boy Racer and Running with the Kenyans.

Alistair Brownlee, 24, is a British triathlete from Yorkshire. He is the reigning Olympic champion, a back-to-back European champion and a two-time World champion.

Jonathan Brownlee, 22, is also a British triathlete from Yorkshire. He is the reigning World Champion, a two-time World Sprint champion and an Olympic bronze medalist.

'Sport has two new heroes: a couple of nice lads from Yorkshire '
The Times

June 6
Penguin Books Ltd

Customer Reviews

Chad Grahame ,

A Great Read!

This is a great insight, into the lives and minds of two of the World’s most dedicated and successful short distance Triathletes. Not only from the same country, or region, but from the same family and under the same roof!
A very candid, honest recap from these two brothers, as they reflect on their paths, resulting in overnight international stardom and becoming household names and icons within the national field of this challenging sport of triathlon.
The only question remaining is “where to now”, and this book leaves the mind open to a long and successful future within the sport, if they chose to move forward.
Certainly an inspirational read, and to others, a simple joy of hearing first hand from true champions, that many a physiological moment are similar to all within this sport, albeit as a a champion or amateur, making it crucially relatable.

Mr gbc ,

Glen m

Well written and true honesty, well done lads you deserve all the rewards, now try my event www.thegbc.co.uk for free! X

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