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In martial arts, blocking (makgi 막기) is the act of stopping or deflecting an opponent's attack for the purpose of preventing injurious contact with the body. A block usually consists of placing a limb across the line of the attack. Blocks are considered by some to be the most direct and least subtle of defensive techniques. Other ways of avoiding attack include evasion, trapping, slipping and deflection of the oncoming attack; this approach is often referred to as the application of 'soft' techniques.

Low Block ( 아래막기 arae-makgi )

Middle Block ( 몸통막기 momtong-makgi )

High Block ( 올려막기 olgul-makgi )

Outside Block ( 바깥막기 momtong-bakkat-makgi )

Single KnifeHand Outward Block ( 한손날 바깥막기 hansonnal-bakkat-makgi )

Pressing Block ( 눌러막기 nulleo-makgi )

Palm Heel Pressing block ( 바탕손 눌러막기 batangson-nulleo-makgi )

Palm Heel Inward Block ( 바탕손 안막기 batangson-an-makgi )

Inward Knife-Hand Block ( 손날 안막기 sonnal-an-makgi )

Cross Block ( 엇걸어막기 otgoreo makgi )

Knifehand High Cross Block ( 손날 엇걸어막기 sonnal olgul otgoreo makgi )

Supported HandBlade Block ( 손날 거들어 바깥막기 sonnal kodureo makgi )

Inner Wrist Outer Block ( 안팔목 바깥막기 anpalmok bakkat makgi )

Trunk Push Low Block ( 아래 헤쳐막기 arae hecho makgi )

Trunk Push Middle Block ( 바깥팔목 헤쳐막기 bakkat palmok hecho makgi )

Scissors Block ( 가위막기 kawi makgi )

Diamond Block ( 금강막기 keumgang-makgi )

Outside Wrist Pressing Block ( 바깥팔목 눌러막기 bakkatpalmok nulleo-makgi )

(Outside Wrist) Supported Trunk Block ( (바깥팔목) 거들어 바깥막기 (bakkatpalmok) kodureo bakkat makgi )

Low Cross Block ( 아래 엇걸어막기 arae-otgoreo-makgi )

Open Wide Mountain Block ( 산틀막기 santeul-makgi )

Single Hand Wide Open Block ( 외산틀막기 wesanteul makgi )

Supported Downward HandBlade Block ( 손날 거들어 내려막기 sonnal kodureo naeryeo makgi )

HandBlade Twist Outward Block ( 손날 비틀어 바깥막기 sonnal bitureo bakkat makgi )

Bull Horn Block ( 황소막기 hwangso-makgi )

Ridgehand Outward Block ( 손날등 바깥막기 sonnal deung bakkat makgi )

Supported Downward Block ( 거들어 내려막기 kodureo naeryeo makgi )

Inside Wrist Side Block ( 안팔목 옆막기 anpalmok-yeop-makgi )

Inner Wrist Double Block ( 안팔목 헤쳐막기 anpalmok hecho makgi )

High Outside Block ( 올려 바깥막기 olgul bakkat makgi )

Hand Blade Low Block ( 한손날 아래막기 sonnal arae makgi )

Hand Blade Double Block ( 손날 헤쳐막기 sonnal hecho makgi )

Low Side Block ( 아래 옆막기 arae-yeop-makgi )

Inner Wrist Supported Outward Block (anpalmok kodureo bakkat makgi)

Ridgehand Supporting Downward Block ( 손날등 거들어 내려막기 sonnal-deung-kodureo-naeryeo-makgi )

Bent Wrist Outward Block ( 굽힌손목 바깥막기 gupinsonmok-bakkat-makgi )

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July 9
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