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‘TAKEN’, a ground breaking photo documentary ebook, exposing the sinister underworld of sex trafficking and slavery in Mumbai, India.

‘TAKEN’ combines stunning photography, film footage, audio commentaries, interactive maps and images and video interviews to take the reader behind locked doors into Kamathipura, Mumbai’s oldest and largest red light district.   


‘TAKEN’ is the result of a consuming 11 year undercover investigation by award winning British photojournalist Hazel Thompson, who dramatically exposes the real life stories of women and girls tricked, trafficked and sold into modern sex slavery in unprecedented depth and detail.

Thompson gained the trust of women and children who have been kidnapped, caged, raped and sold into sex slavery, many of whom were born into prostitution or sold as babies. “I went into Kamathipura with my camera because I wanted to open people’s eyes to the reality of the red light district. It is not a place of pleasure; it is a place of pain. It’s a warzone where pimps and gangs enslave the girls, cage and break them as part of a system in which the police collude and cooperate.”

Hazel Thompson will donate worldwide profits from sales of each ‘TAKEN’ ebook to British charity Jubilee Campaign who have set up the ‘TAKEN’ Campaign to rescue and rehabilitate girls and women from Mumbai’s sex industry.

A campaign will be launched to urge the Indian government to criminalize the purchase of sex and to follow new legislation in Sweden. A bespoke App will be created to mobilize support for the campaign.

VIEW TRAILER: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yJl19Jd-rQ

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These pictures tell the harrowing story of the people feature plight.

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