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The book of Psalms in the Bible has always been viewed as the heartfelt words written with love by King David and others to a God they treasure and adore.

In the latest book by author Tim Williams, Taste, Think, Talk, Tune, he shares his and two other authors’ (Isaac Watts and Charles Spurgeon) own versions of odes to the Psalms of the Bible. Shaped from the original words of the psalms, Tim and his excerpted authors have chosen to write their own hymns in celebration for God and recognition of His blessings.

Tim begins his collection of hymns by recounting why these songs were so impactful in his life and journey in faith. A theologian’s advice on how best to receive and embody scripture was what led Tim to create the “taste, think, talk and tune” approach, so to fully be engrained in the Scriptures.

He found he and his family would constantly find themselves in the book of Psalms, which guided Tim to discover Isaac Watts’ book, Songs from the Psalms in the Light of the New Testament. In tribute to Watts, and in honor of Spurgeon, Tim created his own version of Watts’ songs combined with his personally penned hymns and some by Spurgeon.

Each hymn reflects the empowering, vulnerable words of the psalms writers, encompassed within the hymn writer’s intimate viewpoint and devoted relationship to the Lord. Tim shares how these hymns inspired him and his family to praise the Lord’s name.

The hope is that those reading will take to heart Tim’s advice to “taste, think, talk and tune” when spending time in God’s Word, knowing you are becoming intertwined in Jesus just as those who wrote the beloved Psalms centuries ago.

Religion & Spirituality
29 September
Xulon Press

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