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Lesson #1 Life Happens When You're Busy Making Other Plans 

Lynora Minnelli must remain focused and graduate, but that's not easy when Simon Foster, the hot new Professor, is so irresistible. Keeping her head in a book grows more and more unlikely as long as Simon's around. There's no denying she's attracted to him, but when he becomes equally smitten with her, not studying will be the least of Lynora's problems. If their affair is discovered, it will be a hard lesson for both of them to learn.

Fiction & Literature
June 28
Avery Phillips

Customer Reviews

💥book geek Lou17 ,

Not the best

So annoyed at this book because while I was intrigued enough to read until the end, it was grudgingly so. First of all completely unrealistic the way things constantly panned out. No one spoke about initial confusions and lack of communication, therefore providing no closure like real people would need in my eyes. Secondly I was getting whiplash with the feelings of all characters that the author was bombarding on us. Thirdly I didn't like Lynn what an indecisive immature selfish girl but even so, Simon was just a s bad sometimes, the interactions didn't make sense sometimes and it was like he never felt the need to apologise whereas despite her choices, Lynn did. Anywayyyy even with all that there's no way any self respecting person would carry on with Dane the way she did when Simon was in hospital and they especially would plainly be able to see that it's causing friction or hurt whatever you want to call it so why act confused or angry with people's reactions. Asif his mum was fine after a few weeks, asif nothing was felt about the revealing of her indiscretions, asif his sister oils back her given the little she knew probably wasn't good. So yeah I don't know why this route was took with this book but it could've been written in a massively better way

lady_567 ,


it’s honestly not worth £3.99 the book was horrible

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