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Tiff, a hot science nerd, doesn't have anybody that she can talk to. Ever since she grew a pair of mouthwatering breasts, a bubble butt and long, long legs, everyone thinks she's a slut. Everybody except her next door neighbor, Mr. Mertz, that is. He's been her rock more often than not, making Tiff feel safe, secure and loved. Sometimes, she wonders if there's more to their relationship, as a daughter and father-figure, than meets the eye. Tiff's been denying herself for years, but ever since she hit eighteen she's been unable to control her wild fantasies...but does Mr. Mertz feel the same? Can the two of them simply ignore what's been building between them day after day, or will years of a fruitless, forbidden love erupt in an emotional, wild display of lust?

This 5000 word short contains a forbidden romance ready to bubble over as a lonely, hopeless girl and the man she looks up to indulge in a taboo pleasure. Though he's too old for her, Mr. Mertz gets extremely explicit, read as he inhales Tiff's scent and then puts his lips where no boy has ever been before, as she gives her first b*****b. This first time experience ends with a a**l deflowering and a huge creampie.

This story is a snippet of an already published title: B******k Buick: Road Head(Chapter 3), daintly wrapped up into a bittersweet ending.


“Do you like me? Fred?”

“Yes,” he answered quickly. The breath was gone from his voice.

Tiff smiled and walked around the counter to hug him. He smelled like sawdust and earth. He was always digging in the garden, so she wasn’t surprised to find that he even smelled like fresh tilled soil. It fit him, and as she inhaled that smell, she pressed her body to his.

Fred wrapped his arms around her, pulling her in close.

“Is this why you keep talking to me?” She smiled up at him as they embraced each other. Her bright blue eyes looked up at him like they did almost every day, but this time searched his deep, dark irises for a sign of what his secret was.

“You do give a nice hug,” he confessed. One of his hands fell to her hip.

“Maybe you’re hoping I’ll do this?” She giggled and popped up on the balls of her feet, tiptoeing her way up to his face. She placed a quick kiss on his lips, nothing more than a peck.

Fred’s body tensed. “Tiffan—”

She closed her eyes and licked at his lower lip.

His body went completely rigid against hers, his breath lost.

“Shh.” The tip of her tongue slipped into his mouth and he moaned against her lips. Tiff pushed her tongue deeper and he bent to kiss her.

Fred moaned again and crushed his body against hers, the growing bulge in his pants noticeable and hard against her stomach. Whether he meant to or not, he ground himself against her, rubbed himself into her soft skin.

Tiff pulled away from him to catch her breath and saw it. His secret, in full, naked to her mind. He wanted her, badly, to the point that he tried his very best to keep as much distance between them as he could manage and still be around her.

“You really like me…” she half-whispered under her breath.

Fred nudged her with his forehead, planting a kiss against hers before he came down to catch her lips in his again. This time she attacked him, hungry and wanting, suckling his tongue.

Tiff stood on tiptoe again and wrapped her arms around his neck, giving her the leverage to wedge herself between the counter and his body. She ground the hot crotch of her jeans against the twitching, jumping bulge in his pants. A moan escaped her lips uncontrollably as she rubbed her c**t against him, catching the lovely bump his cock made in his pants time and time again.

Fiction & Literature
August 9
N. S. Charles

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