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Ten Books on Architecture

Vitruvius, Marcus Vitruvius Pollio was a Roman writer, architect and engineer (70s BCE-c/15 BCE)

This ebook presents «Ten Books on Architecture», from Vitruvius. A dynamic table of contents enables to jump directly to the chapter selected.

Table of Contents

- About This Book

- Preface

- Book I

- Preface

- Chapter I. The Education Of The Architect

- Chapter Ii. The Fundamental Principles Of Architecture

- Chapter Iii. The Departments Of Architecture

- Chapter Iv. The Site Of A City

- Chapter V. The City Walls

- Chapter Vi. The Directions Of The Streets

- Chapter Vii. The Sites For Public Buildings

- Book Ii

- Introduction

- Chapter I. The Origin Of The Dwelling House

- Chapter Ii. On The Primordial Substance According To The Physicists

- Chapter Iii. Brick

- Chapter Iv. Sand

- Chapter V. Lime

- Chapter Vi. Pozzolana

- Chapter Vii. Stone

- Chapter Viii. Methods Of Building Walls

- Chapter Ix. Timber

- Chapter X. Highland And Lowland Fir

- Book Iii

- Introduction

- Chapter I. On Symmetry- In Temples And In The Human Body

- Chapter Ii. Classification Of Temples

- Chapter Iii. The Proportions Of Intercolumniations And Of Columns

- Chapter Iv. The Foundations And Substructures Of Temples

- Chapter V. Proportions Of The Base, Capitals, And Entablature In The Ionic Order

- Book Iv

- Introduction

- Chapter I. The Origins Of The Three Orders, And The Proportions Of The Corinthian Capital

- Chapter Ii. The Ornaments Of The Orders

- Chapter Iii. Proportions Of Doric Temples

- Chapter Iv. The Cella And Pronaos

- Chapter V. How The Temple Should Face

- Chapter Vi. The Doorways Of Temples

- Chapter Vii. Tuscan Temples

- Chapter Viii. Circular Temples And Other Varieties

- Chapter Ix. Altars

- Book V

- Introduction

- Chapter I. The Forum And Basilica

- Chapter Ii. The Treasury, Prison, And Senate House

- Chapter Iii. The Theatre: Its Site, Foundations And Acoustics

- Chapter Iv. Harmonics

- Chapter V. Sounding Vessels In The Theatre

- Chapter Vi. Plan Of The Theatre

- Chapter Vii. Greek Theatres

- Chapter Viii. Acoustics Of The Site Of A Theatre

- Chapter Ix. Colonnades And Walks

- Chapter X. Baths

- Chapter Xi. The Palaestra

- Chapter Xii. Harbours, Breakwaters, And Shipyards

- Book Vi

- Introduction

- Chapter I. On Climate As Determining The Style Of The House

- Chapter Ii. Symmetry, And Modifications In It To Suit The Site

- Chapter Iii. Proportions Of The Principal Rooms

- Chapter Iv. The Proper Exposures Of The Different Rooms

- Chapter V. How The Rooms Should Be Suited To The Station Of The Owner

- Chapter Vi. The Farmhouse

- Chapter Vii. The Greek House

- Chapter Viii. On Foundations And Substructures

- Book Vii

- Introduction

- Chapter I. Floors

- Chapter Ii. The Slaking Of Lime For Stucco

- Chapter Iii. Vaultings And Stucco Work

- Chapter Iv. On Stucco Work In Damp Places, And On The Decoration Of Dining Rooms

- Chapter V. The Decadence Of Fresco Painting

- Chapter Vi. Marble For Use In Stucco

- Chapter Vii. Natural Colours

- Chapter Viii. Cinnabar And Quicksilver

- Chapter Ix. Cinnabar -continued

- Chapter X. Artificial Colours- Black

- Chapter Xi. Blue- Burnt Ochre

- Chapter Xii. White Lead, Verdigris, And Artificial Sandarach

- Chapter Xiii. Purple

- Chapter Xiv. Substitutes For Purple, Yellow Ochre, Malachite Green, And Indigo

- Book Viii

- Introduction

- Chapter I. How To Find Water

- Chapter Ii. Rainwater

- Chapter Iii. Various Properties Of Different Waters

- Chapter Iv. Tests Of Good Water

- Chapter V. Levelling And Levelling Instruments

- Chapter Vi. Aqueducts, Wells, And Cisterns

- Book Ix

- Introduction

- Chapter I. The Zodiac And The Planets

- Chapter Ii. The Phases Of The Moon

- Chapter Iii. The Course Of The Sun Through The Twelve Signs

- Chapter Iv. The Northern Constellations

- Chapter V. The Southern Constellations

- Chapter Vi. Astrology And Weather Prognostics

- Chapter Vii. The Analemma And Its Applications

- Chapter Viii. Sundials And Water Clocks

- Book X

- Introduction

- Chapter I. Machines And Implements

- Chapter Ii. Hoisting Machines

- Chapter Iii. The Elements Of Motion

- Chapter Iv. Engines For Raising Water

- Chapter V. Water Wheels And Water Mills

- Chapter Vi. The Water Screw

- Chapter Vii. The Pump Of Ctesibius

- Chapter Viii. The Water Organ

- Chapter Ix. The Hodometer

- Chapter X. Catapults Or Scorpiones

- Chapter Xi. Ballistae

- Chapter Xii. The Stringing And Tuning Of Catapults

- Chapter Xiii. Siege Machines

- Chapter Xiv. The Tortoise

- Chapter Xv. Hegetor's Tortoise

- Chapter Xvi. Measures Of Defence

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