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The Overtons, Toni and Frank, are a couple who is ostensively happily married and looking forward to a long and rewarding life together. Everything seems perfect between them—at least on the surface.

They were high school and college sweethearts, so much so that Toni has never slept with anyone other than Frank in all her twenty-four years. But it’s not quite the same for Frank.

During a brief hiatus in their relationship back in college, he took full advantage of his momentary freedom to sample a number of other girls’ love-making skills and find out exactly what they had to offer. Toni didn’t do the same; electing to turn down all date offers and wait for Frank to return to her, which he did after a few months.

Therein lays the problem with their otherwise perfect relationship. Frank is worried that since Toni has never made love to anyone but him, she will eventually wonder what she’s missed out on, and cheat on him in order to find out.

This isn’t as big a problem as it seems, as far as Frank is concerned—because he desperately wants her to cheat on him with other guys, as long as he can watch or, barring that, hear all about what she’s done as soon as she returns home!

He has a bad case of the “hotwife” virus, it seems. But when he finally works up the courage to tell her about his obsession, Toni is at first completely repelled by the idea of actually doing what he clearly wants her to do.

Then Frank reads about the 80/20 Solution online, and new approach to his hotwife fantasy occurs to him. Will it bear fruit? Will his cute little Toni agree to be a bad girl for him, in the end?

Read The 80/20 Solution, Toni And Frank, and find out!

Fiction & Literature
August 25
C.K. Ralston

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