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Men, I am sorry to say that on the whole, taken as a gender, you are not very good at foreplay.  It's true and you need to just get comfortable with it.  Yes, I am sure some of you, as you read this, are going to think that you are the exception to the rule.  You'll think you've got it all figured out and that the women in your life are perfectly satisfied with you.  Well, you might be that one in a million guy.  You might not be.  However, after you read this work, you will be well on your way to being “that guy”, one way or the other.  Regardless of how wonderful you are in the bedroom, you need to understand and get comfortable with the fact that you can improve your foreplay skills.  The truly great understand they can always improve.  That is why I sat down and wrote this little blurb.  

It all started over a lunch with a girlfriend, like so many of my projects do.  She was venting and I was listening.  It was, unfortunately, a story I had heard too many times before.  She had gone out, and met a man.  He seemed like a great guy.  They had fun, they clicked, but then, when the two of them surrendered to their mutually rampant desires, he didn't measure up.

No, his cock was fine.  In fact, she did mention that he was well endowed.  No, that was not the problem.  The problem was his lovemaking technique.  He couldn't wait to get the pussy.  He seemed to be under the impression that if he didn't penetrate her (these are her paraphrased words here) that someone was going to take it away.  Now, in his defense, maybe that had happened in his formative years.  Maybe he had been just about to make love to some wonderful woman when she up and changed her mind.  Maybe this scarred him, emotionally, and forever gave him the quality of being eager for beaver.  That's understandable.  It just isn't a lot of fun for the women that choose to go to bed with him.  

That was my friends complaint.  He was just to eager.  He rushed into actual intercourse, the foreplay was practically nil and the whole thing was over a lot sooner than she had hoped.  She rated his performance like some old time East German gymnastics judge – not good and said that she was probably not going to call him back.  I laughed inside when she said that she could put up with a lot in a relationship.  Patience is a virtue, but she said she had no patience for bad lovers who didn't know their business.

This got me to thinking.  I had heard this story too much in my life.  Too many men out there walk around with an idea about how sex should go and be, that is just not right.  This seemed like a subject that was just perfect for me to tackle.  You see, the fact is that I love men.  I have a lot of sympathy for them.  No one really teaches them the finer points of the art of lovemaking.  They are just set loose on the world with the blind hope that they'll figure it all out.  They're like baby sea turtles.  They're on their own.  Some make it.  Some don't.  That is what prompted me to write about female orgasm and the finer points of pussy eating.  After this lunch, however, I didn't know how I couldn't sit down and write a quick, pointed piece about foreplay.

This is the result of that inspiration.

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August 20
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