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If you hid in plain sight, would he find you?
Because he isn’t looking.

When Emma sees a face from her past at a friend’s wedding, she runs. It worked once before and besides, how would he find her?

But this time, he does. He always knew her location. He just stopped caring.

Rohan Andreyev is an actuary. Some actuaries sit in an office and calculate risk. Others hunt down the risk and eliminate it for a fee. It’s the sinister side of loss adjusting. It’s the part he likes most.
Emma is the risk he didn't eliminate and when she stumbles across him by chance, it’s an invitation to right the wrong.

Emma is sucked into a life she once escaped, driven there by poverty and desperation. But the real threat isn’t just to her safety now. There’s something much more valuable at stake this time.

Readers say, “This was impossible to put down.”
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25 October
K T Bowes

Customer Reviews

Flamingo6971 ,

Most interesting book

The most fascinating story I have read in years with superb descriptions of peoples’ feelings.

BookLoverBeth ,

Unique and Adorable

It's not an easy world for any of these characters, but they remain to charm me endless despite their faults and the difficulties they face. I can't even find myself to mind the faults, and so I am in love with Ro, Emma and Nicky and their friends entirely.
Great read, great author. A pleasure overall.

Torz222 ,

The Actuary - a real page turner!

Very well written with many twists in the story line - it makes you not want to put it down. Looking forward to reading the next book in this series.

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