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In an age of magic and mystery, brothers Coinin and Marrok Wulf are called to fulfil a great prophecy by an ancient Brotherhood that will tip the fate of their world forever.

At play are the greatest forces of darkness in the universe: Death himself and dark wizard, Lordich Secracar, who will stop at nothing to thwart the brothers’ journey and pull Er’ath, their beloved home world, into the void.

To head off Death’s ultimate plans to rule the gods and bring chaos to the heavens, the two brothers must follow their destiny to unite the five sacred Swords of Cerathil, in the Tower of Elyia, as the ancient seer, Aduramis foretold.

In their path lie untold enemies and unspoken treachery. Torn between the powers that be and their call to fate, Coinin and Marrok must overcome all that stands in their way, or let their precious world fall into ruin …

Journey now into the brave new world of The Aduramis Chronicles, a coming-of-age fantasy series that is as diverse as it is dense--combining all of the classical elements of the fantasy adventures you love with the plot-driven, multi-faceted character dramas of the modern age.

Take off with Book One, Destiny of The Wulf, into a world unlike any other, as the ticking hand of fate moves ever closer towards destruction ...

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 10
Harrison Davies

Customer Reviews

Kiwi365 ,


I don't like to say to much about the plot in my reviews as i find this can sometimes spoil the story. So very briefly:

The story follows the Wulf brothers, Coinin and Marrok, as they follow their destiny and take up their positions as the defenders of their world. Their enemies are many and powerful, and their path long and arduous.

So i know that doesn't tell you a lot but the simple fact is, YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK!, if you are a fan of fantasy then this book is for you. If i tell you much more than that it will spoil it, and i hate taking the fun out of things for others.
The plot is strong, i have said many times that it is very hard to be completely original in the fantasy genre, so you have to find a new angle, and this book has managed it, It has standard fantasy elements, Simply folk finding out they are actually heroes, a quest and love, but it delivers them wrapped in a story that has a unique angle and delivery. I particularly like the way magic is dealt with, The author does not try to flatten you with overt displays of power, but instead uses it subtly, quietly in the background, porting and shapeshifting done as naturally as can be, no grandiose buildup, no over the top wand waving and silly incantations, just using magic as another tool. I like that!

The writing is sharp, there are a few scenes that were very intense, the ritual scenes especially, i kept reading faster and faster to see what happened, it truly made me nervous and excited which is something you just can't fake.

Now for the main characters. Coinin is the younger of the two brothers, he is also the smarter, the shyer and more timid of the two, but he is strong and loyal and courageous. Marrok on the other hand is the warrior of the two, Strong and brave, a skilled swordsman and leader, he tends to let his passion and emotion rule his actions and prefers to act rather than talk. But he is also loyal and would die rather than let his loved ones get hurt.

The author has crafted two very believable, strong characters that are very easy to get behind. They are honourable and good without being annoying, they have fear and doubts, they make mistakes just like all of us. The author has managed to avoid the two major pitfalls that plague fantasy novels at the moment, having characters that are morally perfect (which is just completely unbelievable, even in a fantasy novel) or having a hero that is a criminal or moral degenerate who turns good, so overdone.

He has also managed to make a cast of ancillary characters that are diverse and really enjoyable. I want to learn more about Aniol, Laliala is a fascinating character that i can't quite figure out, Draken is wonderfully sinister and Jericho is definitely one to keep your eyes on! This alone is enough to make me want the second book so i can see how all of these great characters develop and how their lives turn out.

So as you can tell, i like the book, but (there is always a but) it does have a couple of minor problems. Some of the events earlier in the book seem to drag on a little bit, I think they could have been cut a little shorter without affecting the story at all, Whilst nearer the end things were cut a little bit to short, the reason i say that is simply because i was really getting in to it and didn't want it to finish. These are very minor issues and did not ruin the story at all. The Gods and religion have been developed well and i am hoping that we can learn more about the religious system and maybe delve a little deeper in to the creation tale of this world because i do like that side of fantasy.

All in all though this is a brilliant story, i found myself thinking about it even after i had stopped reading, which wasn't as good as it sounds as it made it very hard to concentrate at work! but for me that is the sign of a great story, one that creeps in to your brain and makes a little house there!

So the question is, Would I recommend this book....Well if you can't tell from the review.....YES!!! 100% yes.

The Bad:

1. Pacing, some scenes should have been shorter, some scenes could have been longer. Not a major issue though.
2. Wish the religion had been investigated a little more, but this is the first book in a series so we may see it later on.

The Good:

1. The characters, all of them, not just the main 2. They were strong and well written.
2. The plot was great, very intense and again well written.
3. Magic is handled well, not to in your face but not shrouded in rules and regulations. Very well dealt with.
4. Good plot twists, some you see coming, others come out of left field.
5. Good use of "creatures", Dragons, Orcs, goblins. All the best bits of fantasy.

On a side note, whilst reading i mentioned that the names were hard to pronounce and i hoped there was a glossary, the version i was reading did not have a glossary, but having spoken to the author he has now created one and it is perfect. So my hat is off to you Harrison Davies for listening to a reader and considering their opinions. Bravo!

David Duffy ,


As a fan if this genre I was looking for a refreshed fantasy experience. I do have to say that Destiny of the Wulf hit all the right notes. Expansive and thrilling it is a roller coaster ride of emotion and action that centres on the relationship of two brothers in a magical world. Buy this book, you will not be disappointed. I am eagerly awaiting book two in the series.

Sergeant Dunn ,

A new genre

I am not a big reader of fantasy books, I prefer to read sci-fi, but a paperback copy was given to me by a friend. I took my time reading it not knowing how much I'd actually enjoy the first few chapters, and they spurred me to read on. The book is a great start to "The Aduramis Chronicles" saga and I am really looking forward to reading the next books, if anyone is a fan of such books like Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit and game story lines such as Fable or The Elder Scrolls, then I would recommend The Aduramis Chronicles to anyone to read and hope you will enjoy it as much as i did. The genres are no too dissimilar, and I found I could relate to the main characters troubled childhoods and personal quests to better themselves. I may go on to read more fantasy books, now that my imagination has been stretched beyond sci-fi. There is one downside to the book…waiting for the next one. Definitely one to read though.

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