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It was a bloody night. The campus woke up to a horror sight of blood and lumps of flesh littering the streets. "They have broken a blood covenant and must pay with their blood," was the song of the dreaded Daughters of Jezebel. It was a night of retaliation and vengeance. It was like a war between the females and the males. While the DOJ (Daughters of Jezebel) were completely females, the PF (Pirates Fraternity) were predominantly males. The dread of DOJ stems from the origin of their name Jezebel, a king's wife who usurped the position of the king. A woman who forcefully took other peoples land and gave it to her feeble husband, the king. Her evil life ended tragically.
The school authorities invited the police to investigate the mayhem. The dead bodies were evacuated and road cleaned up of blood and all the barricades. ... The Advocate (Amanda Series Book 3) saw Amanda and her recruits in campus stirred up the hornet's nest by their campaigns for human rights, especially women and children's rights. The fishing community, the nomadic herdsmen and the farmers in the rural villages we're their target. It was another war. The fetish doctors, the Bushmen hunters, snake charmers, the pirates at sea, the hungry sharks and the raging stormy weather fought hard to stop them. Actions of daughter's of Jezebel, drug warlords, pirates and Amanda's past threatened the adventure but Amanda's guardian angel was at hand to rescue the perceived "Aliens." This story will blow your mind. Good for coming of age, young adults, new adults and even adults. Get a copy today

Young Adult
August 12
Ikechukwu Joseph

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