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“I know the words written… But the words unwritten? Those, I don’t know.”

After the campaign in the Summer Isle, Isabella rides out the winter storms by studying the godly magic under Mother Lembu, in the process learning about the origins of the old gods.

  Crown Prince Reginald receives word that his father the King is ill and his sister Princess Sofia, acting as regent, is imposing a regime that is strangely similar to what had been happening on the Summer Isle – nobles killed, temples smashed, enforced public worship of old gods. Concerned that his family, and indeed his homeland, are in danger, Reginald is determined to return home. But the storms are still raging with what appears to be unnatural force, making any attempt to return to Andalusia too risky for the Prince and his men… unless Isabella can somehow use the new rituals she has learnt to placate the powers behind the storms and navigate the fleet safely home to face whatever has taken control of the kingdom.

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Praise for Christopher Nuttall:

“one of the best authors of entertaining epic fantasy for adult readers” – Seregil of Rhiminee

Praise for the award-winning Bookworm series:

“A thrilling adventure packed full of magic and memorable characters. Highly recommended.” – The Wishing Shelf Awards

Bookworm won the Adult Fiction GOLD Award in 2013

Praise for Book I of the Unwritten Words series:

“there’s something about the ancient magic and forces that is almost Lovecraftian in nature.” – Risingshadow

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January 17
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