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The Andover district is exceptionally rich in archaeology with many examples from Neolithic to Anglo-Saxon and medieval times. It has attracted many of the great names among archaeologists, including Barry Cunliffe’s well known work at Danebury. But when Andover began to expand in the 1960s it was the late Max Dacre, a self-taught amateur newcomer, and the Andover Archaeological Society he helped found who were the driving force in saving much from the developers’ bulldozers. He also found other promising sites in the surrounding countryside. 

Max died before he could publish the stories of the digs he largely inspired. It has long been the ambition of the society’s successor, Andover History & Archaeology Society, to make his work more widely known. Max’s work has been professionally edited and written up by Dr Nick Stoodley FSA and publication of this book has been made possible with a vital grant from the Marc Fitch Fund. It is the only book to give a comprehensive and referenced overview of the Andover area’s fascinating past. 

Dr Nick Stoodley is an honorary research fellow at the University of Winchester. He is a specialist on Anglo-Saxon archaeology with a particular interest in the burial archaeology of early Anglo-Saxon Wessex. His publications include a book on gender relations as expressed through early Anglo-Saxon burial, in addition to reports and articles on Anglo-Saxon cemeteries and mortuary practice. Nick is the production editor for the Proceedings of the Hampshire Field Club and Archaeological Society and a fellow of the Society of Antiquaries.


‘a real labour of love… It’s a great tribute to Max and everyone who worked with him – I had no idea that so much was found. Publishing it in this way is enormously useful and just the sort of thing that Max would have wanted.’ Sir Barry Cunliffe

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