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The Art of Marketing and PR

Giving You Effective Tools to Build Your Brand and Make Your Business Grow

Marketing and PR is like an art and takes years of experience to master. Pacharee Pantoomano and Kittima Sethi are passionate, driven and creative Marketing and PR consultants who will guide you in mastering this art. Through a combined 40 years of real life experiences and expertise, the authors will share Marketing and PR tips, tactics and best practices to help you grow your business.

What you'll learn:
•How to create a successful PR event
•How to craft a great marketing plan
•Finding your USP
•Tip on growing your brand with effective PR
•How to succeed in multicultural markets
•And much, much more

This free e-book is a compilation of articles by the authors that have written over the years on a wide range of topics within the fields of marketing and public relations drawn from years of extensive professional experience, knowledge and expertise working with local and multinational companies.
After all, the principles of marketing and PR remains the same universally, but is adapted to fit the cultural and behavioral norms in various domestic and international markets.
So whether you are a marketing or PR professional or an entrepreneur looking for some advice, these articles will provide you with many tips and tools that you may use on your next marketing or PR campaign to make your business thrive.

About the experts

Pacharee Pantoomano and Kittima Sethi come from a multicultural background and are the energetic hearth and soul of Brand Now, a boutique Marketing and PR agency based in Bangkok with a combined 40 years of experience working with several local and multinational companies across the world. They are on a mission to help businesses grow and are constantly looking for innovative and cutting-edge strategies to improve their skills in Marketing and PR to help clients. When out of the office, you can find them with their families, being involved in various community and social projects, attending personal growth seminars or spreading positive energy during their networking events.

Some of their clients include Pepsi Co, Merck, Electrolux, GrabTaxi and Viber. Working with such multicultural brands has strengthened and broadened their understanding of what clients are looking for and the importance of effective communication in marketing and PR.

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January 21
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