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The SEO management strategy 2,500 years in the making

This book will bring the subject of SEO (search engine optimisation) back where it belongs, under the control of business leaders like you. It will urge you to consider what it's like to rank #1 in the minds of your Customers and show you how to move closer to the Customer than you ever thought possible - so close, in fact, that you will be able to hear them think.

The Art of Search® is an SEO management strategy written for business leaders in plain business English, the book explores and simplifies SEO through a direct comparison to strategic warfare based upon the 2,500 year old military treatise The Art of War.

The online frontline

Founded upon proven and trusted ancient strategic wisdom, this book argues the case for recruiting and appointing a Search Commander, a human agent tasked with building a website that fights for you on many fronts and brings frontline market intelligence back to the boardroom table.

A question of ownership

The argument for the appointment of Search Commander is one that's set to ignite a debate about who 'owns' the website. Traditionally, Marketing or IT assume ownership yet The Art of Search argues that putting both Search and the Customer at the heart of a business calls-out for a new kind of business leader, one able to free the website from its traditional bonds.

Free from jargon and wholly strategic

Steve Whiting's writing style litters the book with wonderful quirks and references to bring life and colour to an otherwise sterile topic. The reinterpretation of the writings of Sun Tzu results in a non-technical SEO management strategy and, edited by Zara Brownless, the book gathers pace by finding many insightful SEO similes from here on Earth, from way up in the heavens and then out into space.

A book written to challenge and dispel SEO myth, The Art of Search offers a thorough grounding in SEO that accelerates the reader through space and time, drawing influence and energy from many sources whilst never losing strategic focus.

Powerfully illustrated with 13 original frontispieces by Ty Harris, the book addresses The Art of War's 13 Chapters to progressively build the argument for the strategic creation of the role of Search Commander.

Management and strategy

For those in business who are perplexed over and hampered by poor search engine visibility as well as those who are serious about scaling and conquering the SEO summit, this book leads you to a #1 rank. The book has been written with two types of reader in mind:

- business leaders who need to understand, rethink and/or establish a new Search strategy;

- Search Commanders who require a forward-moving source for reference, inspiration and insight.

By grounding the SEO management strategy upon a treatise that's stayed relevant for over two and a half millennia and by putting Search (and, therefore, the Customer) at the heart of business, the management change that The Art of Search encourages business leaders to bring about may be relied upon to stay relevant for many years to come; delivering more business opportunities alongside a superabundance of strength Google cannot fail to respond to.

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March 23
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