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“The art of war is of vital importance …” are the words, written 2,500 years ago, by the famous & ancient Chinese general Sun Tzu. This is how millions of students began their study of warfare and battlefield management. His words (translated by Lionel Giles) are presented here, followed by its application to managing teams.

From the book:
"These five fundamental factors are necessary for a team to become outstanding on the field of play.
- Common purpose - the players must be in complete accord with their coach and his staff, so that they will follow him regardless of their lives, undismayed by any setbacks or dangers.
- Environment - the playing environment, night and day, cold and heat, and seasons all have some effect on focus and morale. Prepare appropriate contingency plans.
- Playing field - this is mastery of movement of the players. They must work together within short and long distances; perform risky plays as well as safe plays with coordination, skills, and focus.
- Coach - must have the virtues of wisdom, sincerity, faith, courage and strictness.
- Method and discipline - this is the practice field for the team, and the personally assigned drills and fundamentals by the players.

All of this is coordinated including ensuring equipment, tools, and support services necessary to keep the team functioning efficiently.
The coach and players who understands these will win the majority of the time. Those who do not will have less successful opportunities."

This book provides insight into the proper mindset of playing smarter and winning more. You and your staff will gain new insights into:
- How to win against better teams
- How to trap and misdirect opponents
- How to design useful strategies
- How to devise effective tactics
- When to attack & how to defend

When you purchase this book, you may want the companion book, "The Art of Personal Competition" which helps individual players become key members of your team. Explanations and expectations of the player's own personal commitments are defined, along with a training program. Make sure that each of your players and support staff have a copy.

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April 28
Allan P. Sand

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