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'The most inspiring book I've ever read' Bill Gates, 2017

'A brilliant, mind-altering book ... Everyone should read this astonishing book' Guardian

'Will change the way you see the world' Daily Mail

Shortlisted for the Samuel Johnson Prize 2012

Wasn't the twentieth century the most violent in history? In his extraordinary, epic book Steven Pinker shows us that this is wrong, telling the story of humanity in a completely new and unfamiliar way. From why cities make us safer to how books bring about peace, Pinker weaves together history, philosophy and science to examine why we are less likely to die at another's hand than ever before, how it happened and what it tells us about our very natures.

'May prove to be one of the great books of our time ... he writes like an angel' Economist

'Masterly, a supremely important book ... For anyone interested in human nature, it is engrossing' The New York Times

'Marvellous ... riveting and myth-destroying' New Statesman

'A marvellous synthesis of science, history and storytelling, written in Pinker's distinctively entertaining and clear personal style ... I was astonished by the extent to which violence has declined in every shape, form and scale' Financial Times

'An outstandingly fruitful read, with fascinating nuggets on almost every page' Sunday Times, Books of the Year

6 October
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Customer Reviews

pubby79 ,

Uplifting and entertaining

This is a sweeping romp through our species’ history, which sets out to argue that our lives have become less violent over time, and attempts to explain why this might be the case. It’s an amazing, absorbing read, and a worthy addition to Steven Pinker’s other books.

Motty2010 ,

Fascinating read

A thoroughly interesting read. Each section I felt was well examined, researched and argued. It felt like reading a combined book of history, psychology, physiology, sociology, biology and economics, but a lot better than how I just made that sound. Well written too.

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