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Perfect festive fun for Quizmasters, fans of pub quizzes and the whole family. The BIG Christmas Pub Quiz has been put written and researched by two of the biggest names in Pub Quizzing and contains over 350 Christmas-related trivia quiz questions and answers. 

Ideal for brain-crunching Christmas fun with the family as well as for use within the Pub Quiz environment, the BIG Christmas Pub Quiz has an added interactive element. All questions contained in the book are delivered in batches or rounds of ten, with the answers tucked away behind a clickable or tappable button, meaning no more having to skip through hundreds of pages each time an answer is required and prying eyes will not be able to sneak a peek either. 

The free sample version of the book gives an idea of how questions are displayed. Simply tap on the ANSWERS button at the bottom right of the questions pages to reveal the answers. You can also add notes to the pages as well as highlight text to bookmark for later reference.

Questions have been written with a worldwide English-speaking audience in mind and do not generally cater to one country in particular. The quiz material has been tried and tested in many countries around the world.

You can actually use this book for presenting your quizzes!

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December 1
David Small

Customer Reviews

Kris Reardon ,

Fab app!

Great idea! Loads of questions we all enjoyed as a family. Well worth downloading!

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