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Cassie Brooks is about to make the biggest pitch of her career - one that will hopefully help her achieve her goal of becoming the first female partner at her architectural firm. She's polished, focused and totally dismayed when her new boss, Coleman Pierce sets his sights on her.

Cole Pierce has a thing for submissives, but he likes them experienced and Cassie is most definitely not. Plus things are bound to get complicated when they are working together.

Despite her protestations, he is determined to seduce her and show her just how good being a submissive can feel...


"That was quite the show back there."

"Yes it was," she managed in a whisper.

"I am referring to the one playing across your face while you watched." He smiled and Cassie felt her stomach turn somersaults. Even with the mask covering half his face, she knew he was handsome. She knew he was without a doubt, a dominant man, but somehow he set her at ease.

"It was…captivating."

"You’re new at this."

"Very—I don’t really know if it’s for me."

"There’s only one way to find out." He gestured toward an empty room.

"Oh—no, I um—may I have my drink please." She whispered.

"No, you’ve had enough. You’re here tonight to discover if this is something you’d like to pursue and you can’t make that decision if you are drunk off your beautiful ass."

"How do you know that’s why I’m here?"

"You reek of indecision. I can help you discover what you’re seeking. All you have to do is join me in that room."

"Wh-what will you do?"

"You’ll just have to come find out for yourself. But if we do go in there, we keep our masks on and we never have to know names or identities. Deal?" He grinned, moving across the vestibule into the lone empty room.

Cassie wished she had her champagne for some liquid courage. She desperately wanted to follow him, but she didn’t know if she had the nerve.

She gazed around the room and before she could even think it through, she followed him in and shut the door behind her...

27 July
Mara Stone

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