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 Jump into a sexy and funny, billionaire romance from USA TODAY bestselling author Sierra Rose.

Rebecca is an aspiring actress. While at a fancy cocktail party, the socialites begin to pick on her. And that's when she claims she's dating the billionaire host of the party. When he goes along with it, Rebecca is in shock. And when this billionaire offers her a proposition she can't say no to, she dives straight in.

As a courtesy, the author wishes to inform you that this story ends with a cliffhanger. This is a three book series and all your questions won't be answered in book 1. 

October 4
Dark Shadows Publishing

Customer Reviews

Redletter42 ,

Good but deceptive

Fantastic book, but it finished about two hundred pages left as it was all samples from her other books. Disappointed with that but fantastic plot

maggicumbria ,

Basic grammar errors

It was a half-decent read, but one of the main characters Marcus was spelled Markus and Marcus in the same sentence, which is really annoying

Innovea ,

Decent plot doesn't make up for 100 pages of advertisements

Severely disappointed with this book to be honest. I've read numerous books from many new authors, but I've never experienced a book so full of advertisements towards the author's other books. I felt like they were being shoved down my throat.

It advertises nearly every one of the author's series, with short and long blurbs not only at the beginning of the book (which is incredibly frustrating as you have to flip through about 20 pages) but also at the end. This means that about 100 pages of the book where not story at all, but in fact advertisements.

Though the plot was decent, the ending was more than unexpected, it simply didn't make sense and didn't really suit the characters. It feels like the sole purpose it was added was so you would buy the next book. I love to support authors, but in this case I would highly recommend not doing so until the author has at least stopped trying to capitalise their own books.

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