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Kendra has fire in her veins and steel in her backbone.

She’s a fighter, someone who had to overcome the demons of her past and she has big dreams. However, she’s not just a dreamer: she’s a doer as well. Being extremely gifted as a fashion designer, she’s set up her own business and is waiting for her big break. But rent is due and Kendra is broke.

Jax runs one of the biggest investment banks in the country. The handsome devil is young, attractive and successful, which makes him dangerously desirable. And he knows it. Besides sports cars, there’s one thing he loves collecting: women. But this is about to change.

After a terrible accident, Jax suddenly becomes responsible for another life: his six month old nephew, a bundle of warmth and joy, but also an incredible responsibility.

Jax needs help and his reputation is now a burden: gold diggers and shallow bimbos posing as nannies keep lining up, but none of them really cares for the baby.

But one nanny will stand out: Kendra. And she’s going to rock his world.

Note: this is the first book out of five in the series. Contains explicit language for a mature audience only.

September 11
L.N. Pearl

Customer Reviews

It's Moiiii ,

Mrs B

Loved the book!! However we're is the rest of the books? Disappointed I can't finish the story.

Cat_tap ,

Where're the rest of the series?

Enjoyed the book and keen to fi d out what happens next, but can't find the rest of the series. Seems to be the case with many of this author's books - the first is available for free, but the rest of the series are not available on UK iBooks :-(

allies123 ,

Is it just me?

Or am I the only one who thought that it was creepy that a woman who has only known the child for 3 weeks? And she's already thinking about adopting him and being his mum? Just found it really bizarre.
Don't understand why it's been split into 5 books.

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