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A sword-wielding martial arts master takes down legions of bad guys in a series that inspired the 1970s cult classic starring Jim Kelly from Enter the Dragon.
On leave in Tokyo, American GI Robert Sand is shot trying to protect an old man from a gang of drunk soldiers. Before Sand passes out, he sees the old man spring on his tormenters, beating them senseless with his bare fists. He is Master Konuma, keeper of the ancient secrets of the samurai, and Sand is about to become his newest pupil. Over the next seven years, the American learns martial arts, swordplay, and stealth, becoming not just the first black man to ever take the oath of the samurai, but the strongest fighter Konuma has ever trained.
Here are the first four action-packed adventures in the series from an author who “writes with the quick, slashing motions of a karate chop” (Gerald A. Browne, New York Times–bestselling author).
Black Samurai: When terrorists ambush the dojo and butcher his sensei, samurai Robert Sand takes vengeance in blood.
The Golden Kill: Alone and outgunned, Sand races against the clock to stop a power-mad millionaire from pulling off the largest gold heist in history.
Killer Warrior: Sand must prevent an arms dealer from selling a black-market atomic bomb to a vengeance-crazed Japanese man who plans to level New York City.
The Deadly Pearl: To rescue the daughter of a secret service agent, Sand goes after a vile pimp trafficking in white slavery.

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October 2
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