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Bringing together the first 2 stories in the Bondmaids series.

Bondmaids of Ramswold

April and Niki, two girl friends on a walking holiday, escaping from a gang of quad bikers, scramble through a mysterious rocky cleft which leads them to the village of Ramswold which is part of the land of Nethervale in a different reality. Here there is little technology and institutionalized slavery. Soon the girls have been arrested as outsiders, stripped and chained, sentenced to serve as bondmaids, and auctioned off to the highest bidders.

They serve a sadistic priest as they perform in perverted church rituals, work on a farm as living scarecrows, and serve in the Spreadeagle Tavern, where the girls can be hired out for the pleasure of the customers. During these ordeals they are also obliged to make intimate contact with each other for the amusement of their masters. Will they ever be able to escape their chains and return to their own world?

Bondmaids of Hardrack Hall

In the second book, April and Nicky are bought by Lord Debawsher, the master of Hardrack Hall. Here they are trained to serve amongst his army of collared naked girls who live in his great kennel halls. They are put in his gardens as living statues at the mercy of ingenious mechanisms, costumed as “mermaids” to be fished out of his ornamental ponds and then harnessed as pony girls to pull his carriages. They are made up as “game birds” and are hunted through his woods and then trained in the weird and exciting game of bondmaid polo, where they play the parts both of pony and rider. During their ordeals they become involved in a frustrated romance between shy lovers which comes to a shocking conclusion at a birthday party where they are used both as decorations, entertainment and presents.

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March 11

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