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On the day that Steve Winwood is promoted to Chief Inspector he is called out to Rutherford Corinthian Football Club. Ben Davies one of the directors is found in the supporters bar with his throat cut and head almost severed from his body. None of the other directors attending the Board meeting saw or heard anything unusual.

The reason for the meeting is readily explained to Winwood by the Secretary. The supermarket next to the ground wants to buy the club and build over it. No one wants to sell but it is then revealed that Ben Davies loaned substantial monies to the club for ground improvements and they are unable to pay it back now he is dead. The offer from the supermarket becomes too tempting for any or all of the remaining directors.

With the increase in suspects Winwood digs even deeper into the financial dealings of the club and the role of Ben Davies. The answers to many of his questions seem to lie within the madness of the club’s founder and the strange rules by which the club is run.

As Winwood delves into the history books his new made up Detective Sergeant Emma Porter finds herself the centre of attention from both male and female admirers. Whilst not wanting to get heavily involved in either she manages to move the investigation along but it is an uncharacteristic move from Winwood that finally cracks the case.

Crime & Thrillers
October 23
John Barber

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