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For five centuries, a unified Earth has been the centre, and ruler, of all it surveys: an empire that spans two thousand worlds. It has been unchallenged for three hundred years.

The Borsen use strange technology to strike down fleets and planets with terrifying ease. Their inexplicable reserve leads some to suspect that they have a purpose beyond conquest. But all are certain that for the first time in half a millennium, mankind is facing a dire threat.

Centuries of bureaucracy and an entrenched arrogance lead to grievous losses. Even when a miraculous new technology offers an upper hand, factionalism and jealousy arise to threaten those who use it.

Can a visionary commander unravel the mystery that drives the Borsen?
Can he prevail against the fear that spreads as losses mount?
Can he realise the potentials of those who serve under him in time?
A centuries-spanning tale of space warfare told from major and minor viewpoints: the victories and the tragedies, the decisions that make or break civilisations, the resilience of ordinary people striving to cope. Be there when heroes are made and villains fall. Understand the motives of an enemy that seeks to drive humanity to the brink.

Using over fifty pieces of carefully-crafted short fiction, this book will take you from the start of the incursion to its end, letting you witness the war while revealing its impacts and revelations from every angle.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
April 15
Julian M. Miles

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