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How to shift the “focus on what is right in our lives instead of what is missing . . . This book is a guide to increasing your happiness quotient” (Nina Lesowitz, author of Living Life as a Thank You).

As it turns out, Buddha had quite a lot to say on the subject of gratitude, including citing it as one of the four keys to the Gate of Heaven. Studies show?and experts counsel?that gratitude is a key component of our happiness. People who are grateful about events and experiences from the past, who celebrate triumphs instead of focusing on losses or disappointments, tend to be more satisfied. Gratitude can help us transform our fears into courage, our anger into forgiveness, our isolation into belonging, and another’s pain into healing. Even in the midst of over-busyness, stress, and chaos, we can find plenty to be glad about, and this book will start your journey towards Zen and gratefulness.

The Buddha’s Guide to Gratitude provides you with positive thinking “power tools” that will help you build a more grateful life, including:Mindful meditationsHands-on exercisesProfound practicesInspiring quotationsSpace for notetaking and journalingThought-provoking questions

“This book will bring you peace of mind and a happy heart.” —Elise Collins, author of Chakra Tonics

“Practicing gratitude is like taking your vitamins?you don’t just take them when you’re sick; you also have to take them to stay healthy.” —Louise Baxter Harmon, author of Happiness A-Z

“The most magnetic trait of all time is gratitude! Want to transform your outlook and your life, read and enjoy The Buddha’s Guide to Gratitude.” —Susannah Seton, author of Simple Pleasures

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August 15
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