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The Butterfly is a standalone sequel to The Villain Duology, and is a Regency Erotic Romance dealing with dark subject matter.

Propriety forbade them…

From the moment Niall Gibbs lays eyes on Lady Olivia Goodall he is entranced. Even as a young boy her fragile beauty calls to something deep inside him, making it difficult to stay away from her. And stay away, he should, since she happens to be the daughter of his master: an earl who would not take kindly to the attentions of a stable groom. Yet, as they grow to adulthood, Olivia and Niall's visceral connection becomes undeniable. The two skirt danger and shun propriety for any stolen moments they can find, even knowing their love can ever be.

Tragedy ruined them…

When Olivia goes off to London for her first Season, Niall doesn't think to ever see her again. However, she returns a year later, ruined with a newborn babe in her arms, and a mind riddled by torment. Following a brutal assault and months spent languishing in an unwed mothers' asylum, she finds herself plunged into an existence of pain, darkness, and regret. Niall would give anything to bring her back into the light, including descend into the darkness along with her.

Love will save them …

As Olivia tries to fight her way back, it seems as if they might stand a chance after all. But Niall can never forget the difference in their stations, while Olivia still wrestles with the ghosts of her past. Can they overcome it all to find the happiness that has eluded them for so long?

October 16
Victoria Vale

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