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Carter Davis' new nurse is perfect, except for one point - she isn't actually a nurse. She's a corporate executive and his new next neighbor.

Vanessa Imenerse is a beautiful, African American woman, who is both smart and savvy. A corporate headhunter is trying to get her to accept a job as CEO of GainsCorp, so Vanessa thought she’d enjoy a well earned vacation in New York at his expense. The only downside is her neighbor is constantly shouting at people.

Vanessa decides to investigate. She discovers her neighbor is an incredibly handsome man who is bed bound while he recovers from a car accident.

When Vanessa walks into his apartment Carter sees a beautiful woman who identifies herself as Vanessa I’m-a-nurse (Imenerse) and he immediately thinks she has been sent by the nursing agency to replace the girl who quit! Vanessa tries to explain the misunderstanding, but he won’t listen and through compassion she decides to help him.

They both fall in love while she looks after him and after he recovers they explore New York city together.

But neither of them realize that the job Vanessa has been offered is to replace Carter in his career as CEO of GainsCorp.

Can their relationship survive this massive dilemma?

Vanessa is torn between the great job offer and the man she has come to love. Once again, she must choose between love and her career.

And when secrets from Vanessa's path began to resurface, will their bond be able to keep them together? Or will everything fall apart...

The CEO's Reluctant Lover Series


Book 1: April 2014

Book 2: May 2014

Book 3: June 2014

Fiction & Literature
April 20
Alexis Bale

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Reader82 ,


Easy read ending on an edge wanting the next part.

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