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Just before his death, the great Renaissance Man Leonardo Da Vinci invented a device with the power to preserve life. Unfortunately the Immortality Machine exploded during the initial test-phase, and the artist was unable to realise his dream of living forever. Bequeathing his most secret notebook, the Da Vinci Codex, to an assistant whom he had nick-named Icarus, Leonardo made the boy promise to perfect the Immortality Machine and test it on himself, and to never let it fall into enemy hands.

After Da Vinci died, Icarus fled to England. As well as the Immortality Machine, the Codex also contained blueprints for a teleportation device called the Omniportalis and various other contraptions. Years later Icarus managed to complete the Immortality Machine. This time it worked. He became immortal. But he paid a terrible price.

The Machine transformed him into an undead creature.

Icarus knew he couldn’t let anyone else get their hands on such a terrible device, and managed to keep it secret in his cellar until the year 1880, when an exiled alien being named Delsaron Delfay stumbled out of a trans-dimensional portal right in front of him. At first Icarus thought the handsome alien was an escaped demon and tried to kill him. But then Delsaron saved him from the police and helped him back to his basement.

Icarus helped Delsaron to acclimatise to his new world, and in turn Delsaron helped Icarus to emerge from his squalid basement and start a new life. Unfortunately, they attracted the attention of the mysterious IntelliGent and his new lackeys, imps who’d jumped from the trans-dimensional portal just after Delsaron’s arrival. They were after the Da Vinci Codex.

With the Omniportallis in mind, Icarus designed a theatre that would be able to move around the country. He and Delsaron recruited several volunteers to help; down-and-outs whose lives were actually improved by the Immortality Machine. With their help, the theatre was completed and named the Circus Infintus.

But the IntelliGent has friends in very high places, and employs a mage from the Stigmata to help track down Icarus and the Da Vinci Codex. Will the embryonic Circus Infinitus even survive to go on its first tour?

This book contains gay sex scenes.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
October 1
Storm Publishing

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