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Seduced by My Professor: When Jenny goes to the College of Business after hours to drop off her Finance report, she discovers her professor in a very delicate position. A position beneath a smoking hot piece of man flesh she immediately dubs Adonis. They need to buy her silence and they’re prepared to do anything to get it. Will she take them up on their offer or leave them to an anxious night of worry? Caution: this 3600 word story contains graphic language, monster cocks, quivering breasts, hot man on man action and raunchy MFM. It will make your fun bits sizzle. Sorority Surprise: Role Reversal Dan is sent to the tri-Delta sorority house for his fraternity’s initiation. The president of his frat told him that he’s going to be playing Seven Minutes of Heaven with a few hot sorority sisters, but the rules he discovers when he gets to there aren’t quite what he expected. A hot sorority sister takes him back for his first session, but surprises lie in store. And they only begin when she pulls out the rope and handcuffs. Caution: this 4300 word story contains hot action, light bondage and fun toys. F*****g the Professor: Extra Credit When Conrad, a graduating college senior, sees his sexy older marketing professor at the local bar he decides to ask her about his final grade. She offers him an opportunity to make up two points and invites him over for his assignment. A trip to her hot tub leads Conrad to a very different understanding of his professor, and to a remarkably improved grade. Caution: this 3800 word story contains graphic language, hand jobs, hot tub sex and a**l sex.

Fiction & Literature
January 16
Vivian Leigh

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