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This eBook contains the complete Restoration Edition Scriptures.

Volume 1: The Old Covenants - Comprised of Joseph Smith's Translation of The Old Testament.

Volume 2: The New Covenants - Comprised of Joseph Smith's Translation of The New Testament and the Book of Mormon.

Volume 3: Teachings and Commandments and A Glossary of Gospel Terms.

As one of his most important works, Joseph Smith Jr. spent years making inspired clarifications to the Bible text. Here, for the first time, every known emendation that he wrote or taught has been assembled into the most complete version of Joseph Smith's New Translation of the Bible. In October 1831, Joseph Smith said "except the church receive the fullness of the scriptures that they would yet fall." From that time until his death in 1844, Joseph Smith worked diligently to prepare an edition of the Bible that could be received by the church. However, he was murdered before completing the work, and with the scattering of his notes following his death, it was never published in its entirety until now.

The Book of Mormon is a sacred text to millions worldwide. Joseph Smith was led to the buried records in 1823. Thereafter he sought and received the ability to translate the records by the gift and power of God. He published the resulting work as the Book of Mormon in 1830. Since then, many churches have claimed the book as scripture, but it is not the property of any particular church or denomination. Rather, it is a gift to the world, inviting all to come unto Christ, and teaching the path back to His presence. This Restoration Edition of the Book of Mormon is the most accurate version ever printed, and is remarkable among Christian books both for what it is and what it is not. Like the Bible, it makes the case for Christ as the long-awaited Messiah, Savior and Redeemer of the world. Unlike other scripture that descended through thousands of years of scribal copying, alterations and error, the Book of Mormon was translated only once, directly from the original written manuscripts recorded between 600 BC and 400 AD.

Teachings and Commandments boldly declares that the heavens are open again, and that the prophesied days of revelation and warning are already upon us. This volume contains the most true and accurate compilation of the history and revelations of Joseph Smith, the first modern American prophet. Each of the revelations has been diligently compared with the originals in an effort to retain only the authentic text of each, and to discard all changes subsequently made by others. The volume also includes Lectures on Faith, which was originally published in 1835 as the first part of Doctrine and Covenants, and teaches more about the character, attributes, and perfections of God than any other modern work; and the Book of Abraham as originally restored by revelation to Joseph Smith. This volume also contains the revelations of Denver Snuffer, another witness of the resurrected Lord who has walked and talked with Him, and the Testimony of St. John as restored by revelation.

Taken together, the various works included in Teachings and Commandments speak to us through hundreds of revelations containing thousands of words from God, all pertaining to us in our day and time.

A Glossary of Gospel Terms provides inspired and thought provoking insights into many of the most interesting terms and puzzling concepts found in scripture. A wealth of information, this intriguing book should be the companion of everyone searching for a deeper understanding of the things of God. Covering hundreds of scriptural topics, A Glossary of Gospel Terms adds depth to seemingly well-understood topics, and provides new and delicious insights into those areas of spirituality that have been shrouded in mystery until now. Its objective is to uncover truth and inspire readers to pursue a relationship with Christ.

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