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Equilibrium: The Light. The Darkness. The Future. The Past. The Core. 

One of the most unique paranormal stories available. It's like nothing you have ever read before. 

He had blood on his hands when I walked in that day. Though it should have drove me far from wanting anything to do with my illustrious boss, instead, it forced me to look closer. 

Too close. 

It started as a simply infatuation. Dark hair, deep green eyes and a dominance about him that left everyone paying attention, but that was only the beginning. Things got off track the moment I let myself look beyond what I could truly see and explain. 

Thus began the unfolding of Equilibrium. 

I have no clue what part I will play in the powerful structure set up to maintain the balance between good and evil. All I know is that the epicenter of all power has passed away and someone must take his place. 

I can only hope that it's not me. I'm not prepared for such a journey, nor will I ever be. I don't even believe in good and evil. But somehow the truth remains... I have no choice in what's to come. None of us do. 

The Core is missing and the position will not go unfilled.

February 10
BrixBaxter Publishing

Customer Reviews

MiriEmm69 ,

Very Mysterious, Great Book

What an intricately woven storyline - what I love about this book is you really don't know what is happening or about to unfold. It only revealed what you need to know, when you need to know and then sometimes not surprisingly! The relationship between Ellie & David is complex and at times frustrating but in the best possible way for the book to take you where you need to go.. had me hooked and I can't wait to find out where the story goes after the cliffhanger of an ending that just makes you crave more. Very cleverly written.

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