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This fantasy story is set between Earth, Heaven, and the Universe, as dark forces seek to destroy Pure Love. Michael was kidnapped by an evil Uncle and Aunt when he was three. Despite being their slave, Michael does everything asked of him happily, and educates himself from newspaper scraps. Due to Michael’s kindness under evil circumstances, God invites him for a holiday in Heaven.

What Michael does not know is that, if he passes various tests, he will ‘earn his wings’ to become an Angel on Earth. Similar to Harry Potter, readers may indentify with Michael as he unwittingly gets caught up in life; he simply interacts with the plot when called upon. Eventually he proves his worth and is asked to train to become an Archangel at God’s right hand.

Some readers may also identify with Michael’s journey as he learns of his soul pathway; spiritual and earthly love; the differences between free will and destiny; various forms of dark or evil forces, mystical methods that make Heaven and Earth interact harmoniously; sleep-state bi-location; and how to become an Angel on Earth.

Especially Michael learns evil must be fought to balance the Universe and prevent the next Big Bang.

Pivotal characters in Heaven include God who uses wise love combined with light-hearted fun, and who can turn himself into anything, even a tabletop; tough Djin Scej who teaches Michael to fight with sword and angel’s wings; and Flixie who teaches spiritual love and who promises to marry Michael on Earth when he grows up. These and other characters join forces to become Michael’s Council of Twenty Two spirit guides who include Einstein, Mother Teresa, and Aesclepius, and who guide his life on Earth as he learns to become Archangel Michael.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 1
Allan J. Sweeney

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