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“We’ve ended up joining the EEC on French terms which involve paying out a fortune to subsidise their farmers. Now we must make the best of it. That means playing it as dirty at Brussels as the rest of them.”

“Only Labour can sort out the mess the Heath Government has made, and get this country working again.”

“A vote for Labour is a vote for decisions in favour of a foreign power, contrary to the national interest. Therefore, it’s a vote for treason.”

“The national duty must be to replace the man who has deprived Parliament of its sole right to make the laws and impose the taxes of the country. If you want to do it, you can.”

“I now have proof that the electorate was swindled on Thursday. By tomorrow night, it will all be coming out.”

February 1974……political controversy rages

Inflation is over 20%. Conservative Prime Minister Ted Heath is powerless in the face of strikes which have put industry onto a three-day week.

The year before, Heath had finally got Britain into Europe, causing splits in both the Conservative and Labour parties. Passions run high in argument. 

In an attempt to get back in charge, Heath calls a snap General Election.

He fails – in the new hung parliament, Labour have a few more seats. But he doesn’t resign and let Labour’s Harold Wilson take over. He looks to be toughing it out. Why?

Because a committed young man is on his way back to Britain with evidence of an illegal conspiracy supporting Labour. If he returned, Labour would be discredited. Amidst a huge constitutional crisis, public opinion would move to head to head confrontation and violence. The strikes would continue. The British economy would collapse.

But he doesn’t return – because of an unforeseen TRAGEDY which events earlier this year recall.

See how determined young people then made a difference and built their own lives. Take the lessons for NOW, as we approach another hotly contested Election.

Fiction & Literature
October 26

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