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His gorgeous, sexy girlfriend Felicity is everything he ever wanted in a woman, but she has one simple rule: no masturbation. As long as they are in an exclusive relationship, his orgasms are 100% at her discretion, no ifs, ands or buts. He agrees and enjoys an incredible relationship with her with off-the-charts honesty, intimacy and blinding sex. Until the time he loses patience and m@sturbates – and gets caught red handed. She ends the relationship and the story picks up as she agrees to see him after a four month breakup – but only under the condition that he wears a chastity cage. Elated to have another chance with her, he soon learns with dismay that his beloved woman is a different person, full of surprises. She is actively dating several men (including a Dominant man) and has no intention of stopping. As a matter of fact, she wants him to interact with her other men. How will he win back her love and can he handle the humiliating torment of sharing his beloved woman with other men while he is frustrated in chastity? 

Felicity is an absolute heartbreaker. Luscious, intelligent, yet wickedly cruel, she’s the woman that every submissive male hopes and yet is terrified to meet.  She not only has a great career but a crash-inducing body. Driven by a deep desire for intense sexual satisfaction, she fearlessly breaks the mold and is a role model for modern women as she pursues her unique version of fulfillment. 

This book explores the outer limits of a female-dominated, real-life, loving relationship; including cruel chastity, merciless teasing & denial, and the excruciating ecstasy of cuckolding. 

WARNING: contains very strong, graphic, detailed sexual content including extensive scenes of forced bisexuality. 

31,543 Words

Approximate print length: 108 pages

Fiction & Literature
October 13
Ned Hancock