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In the aftermath of the Dropsite Massacre at Isstvan V, a battered and bloodied force of Iron Hands, Raven Guard and Salamanders regroups on a seemingly insignificant death world. Fending off attacks from all manner of monstrous creatures, the fractious allies find hope in the form of human refugees fleeing from the growing war, and cast adrift upon the tides of the warp. But even as the Space Marines carve out a sanctuary for them in the jungles of Pythos, a darkness gathers that threatens to consume them all…

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
July 18
Black Library

Customer Reviews

ObviousPlayer ,

Damnation of pytho

Ultimately disappointing. Whilst the prose is fine and describes the atypical sci-fi battles in a dark future that is the Games Workshop staple there is no real story here. The characters are uninspiring and difficult to relate to. They have no hopes, fears or dreams. The book does nothing to advance the wider Horus Heresy plot lines and amounts to pages and pages of walking, shooting and more walking. None of the remotely interesting questions are explored let alone answered (who built the temples on Pythos and why? Where did the colonists come from? Who is the antagonist that appears at the end?)
I hate to write negative reviews because it takes a lot of work and personal effort to make something and takes almost none to tear it down but this book is black mark on the otherwise excellent Horus Heresy series.

The43rdHammer ,

Terrible... Shame on the the Black Library

That this book somehow passed all of the editorial meetings and came into being beggars belief, it's positively mind numbingly tedious. I found every page an epic struggle as I wadded through pointless narrative and storyline that ultimately led nowhere. The author should be decommissioned and has seriously dented my faith in the Horus Heresy series of novels. I've tried not to refer to the plot (such as it is) in this review, unlike other reviewers, just in case others want to waste their time and money on this dirge. Needless to say, if you read every other Horus Heresy book, as I have, you would be missing absolutely nothing and indeed enriching your experience by not going near disaster. I thought that I'd be missing some slice of the 30k plot by not reading the novel, that really isn't the case... Steer clear and spend your money on something more satisfying, like a blunt blunt stick to poke your eyes out with!

Disgruntled Jim ,

Awful. Simply Awful don't waste your money

This book was from start to finish a colossal disappointment.
Iron hands just wander around and daemons wipe them all out in the end. Waste of a book that did not advance the plot of the Heresy one little bit.

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