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Publisher Description

“The Dark and Light Sides of Fantasy” is a compilation of short stories written by author R.e.Taylor.
The book consists of a mix of both light and dark fantasy tales that has one turning page after page, marveling at the unique and diversified imagination of writer R. e. Taylor. Many are light tales that are filled with humanity and love, dragons and unicorns, life after death, even young love. Yet all stories capture the reader’s attention with unexpected twists and turns. The dark side is also intriguing covering tales of murder and retribution, Vodou revenge, clones, demon gods, tortured souls and werewolves and more, yet even there humanity rains. This book mingles fantasy and science fiction in a merry dance capturing our hearts or shocking us to the core as the reader enters a world of fantasy yet believability with brilliant story telling that one does not want to leave.

About the Author:
R.e.Taylor has written three novels, several plays and movie scripts. Numerous short stories and over 500 poems both light and dark that are soon to be published by Shadowlight Publishing, who believes R.e. Taylor to be a rare and distinctive talent. Taylor is an individual who is as unique as his stories, colorful and outspoken, an extremely likeable small town rebel. A giant of a man who lives by the creed “When you grow up you lose your imagination… “I REFUSE TO GROW UP!”

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
February 12
Shadowlight Publishing

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