The Davina Graham Thrillers The Davina Graham Thrillers

The Davina Graham Thrillers

The Defector, The Avenue of the Dead, Albatross, and The Company of Saints

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    • £15.99

Publisher Description

The complete series starring the British female operative—from the international bestselling author and “powerful plotter of spy stories” (The Daily Telegraph).
The Defector: MI6 agent Davina Graham knows better. But she’s fallen hopelessly in love with the married KGB defector she’s been ordered to debrief. In exchange for information, Ivan Sasanov insists his wife and daughter back in the USSR must be brought to England and given asylum. But the KGB is already on to him—he barely escapes an assassination attempt. And now his wife has been arrested. With Sasanov’s daughter in imminent danger, Graham knows there’s only one way to save the family of the man she loves.
“Veteran romance-suspenser Anthony continues to sharpen her talents—and this East/West espionage . . . is one of her best.” —Kirkus Reviews
The Avenue of the Dead: The British-born wife of Edward Fleming, the US president’s assistant under-secretary of state and close friend, has appealed to the British ambassador for sanctuary. Elizabeth Fleming claims her husband tried to murder her because she found out he was passing information to the Russians. Though it was ruled an accident, his first wife died in a fire in their Mexico vacation home. To find out the truth, Davina Graham follows a labyrinthine trail from the inner circles of Washington, DC, to Mexico, where she will use herself as bait to trap an elusive criminal known as the Plumed Serpent.
“Solid and classy entertainment.” —Kirkus Reviews
Albatross: A mole high in the ranks of Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service has been feeding national secrets to the Soviets. Davina Graham goes undercover to root out the traitor, code named Albatross. Could it be her boss, Brigadier Sir James White, a twenty-year SIS veteran, months away from retirement? Humphrey Grant, White’s second-in-command, whose public persona conceals damning sexual secrets? Or John Kidson, the technocrat married to Graham’s beautiful, pampered sister? The MI6 agent must move quickly before time runs out for them all.
“If you like your spy stories to have a touch of class, you will enjoy Evelyn Anthony’s Albatross.” —The Sunday Times
The Company of Saints: Now the first female head of Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service, Davina Graham is taking a well-deserved holiday in Venice, when on the Grand Canal, the US Secretary of Defense and his daughter are blown up in a gondola. When more assassinations follow, Graham is convinced that Igor Borisov, the power-hungry head of the KGB, is behind the executions. Working with Intelligence agent Colin Lomax, her ex-lover, they uncover a shadowy organization called the Company of Saints, a private brigade of hired killers whose chilling end game is just beginning.
“Written and plotted with all the skill one associates with Ms. Anthony and readable as ever.” —The Irish Times

Crime & Thrillers
16 October
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