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A group of international scientists is sent to an abandoned island to investigate a mysterious technology, only to face a terrifying discovery that defies imagination.

Museum curator, turned-cyber defense agent Calla Cress, resolves never to pick up a weapon again. Nicknamed the Decrypter, she finds answers in every encrypted cipher, code, and script. Ancient and cyber. Only a month ago she brought down a malicious dark net organization with a team of quirky technology-minded operatives. And now she wants a deserved break. 

All of that changes when, a continent away, something strange brews in the skies.  The US and British governments take notice as the weather follows commands from a decades-old, abandoned research facility on an uninhabited island. The only problem is… no one is there.

 Calla discovers that change in climate is only the beginning. She is about to learn that the answers lie in a journey more terrifying than anything she could've imagined, one that will force her to confront her darkest self. Never mind that an unseen enemy could literally change the future of the globe.

Taut with suspense and with an unnerving premise, this fast-paced, technothriller spins from Hawaii's oceanic reefs to the allure of St. Petersburg, from the tropical charm of Miami to Amsterdam's festive canals.
The Decrypter: The Storm's Eye is Book 4 in the Calla Cress Technothriller Series, but can be read as a stand-alone story.

Crime & Thrillers
13 February
Rose Sandy

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