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This classic Lincoln biography includes the following chapters: 

I. The Origin of the Lincoln Family.—The Lincolns in Kentucky. 

Inventory of Abraham Lincoln’s Estate.—Now First Published 

Thomas Lincoln’s Boyhood and Young Manhood 

II. The Birth of Abraham Lincoln.—His Early Education and Friends. 

III. The Lincolns Leave Kentucky.—They Settle in Southern Indiana.—Conditions OF Life in Their New Home. 

A New Home in Indiana 

Abraham Becomes a Laborer 

IV. Early Education-Books Abraham Read.—The Jones Grocery Store.—Life on THE River. 

Influence of the River Life 

V. Lincoln’s Reputation in Indiana.—Reminiscences of His Associates. 

VI. Amusements of Lincoln’s Life in Indiana.— His First Sorrows. 

Early Sorrows 

VII. The Lincolns Leave Indiana.—The Journey to Illinois.— Abraham Lincoln Starts Out for Himself. 

From Indiana to Illinois 

VIII. First Independent Work.—First Appearance in Sangamon County.—Visit to New Orleans in 1831. 

Lincoln’s Popularity in Sangamon 

An Exciting Adventure 

A Second Adventure 

New Orleans in 1831 

IX. Lincoln Settles in New Salem.—He Becomes a Grocery Clerk.—His Popularity in New Salem. 

In Charge of Denton Offutt’s Store 

The Clary’s Grove Boys 

Lincoln Studies Grammar 

X. Lincoln’s First Announcement to the Voters of Sangamon County.—His Views on the Improvement of the Sangamon. —The Modesty of His Circular. 

XI. Outbreak of Sacs and Foxes. — Lincoln Volunteers and Is Made a Captain. — Incidents of His Service as Captain.— Stillman’s Defeat. 

Lincoln a Captain 

XII. Lincoln an Independent Ranger.—Major Iles’s Reminiscences of the Campaign.—End of the Black Hawk War. 

Lincoln and His Company Enter Michigan Territory 

XIII. Electioneering in 1833 In Illinois.—Lincoln Defeated of Election to the Assembly.—Buys a Store. 

Looking for Work 

Decides to Buy a Store 

XIV. Berry and Lincoln Take Out a Tavern License and Hire a Clerk—Lincoln Begins to Study Law. 

The Firm Hires a Clekk 

XV. Lincoln Is Appointed Postmaster.—He Learns Surveying, and Is Appointed Deputy Surveyor.—The First Work He Did in His New Profession.—What He Earned. 

A New Opening 

Surveying With a Grapevine 

XVI. Business Reverses.—Lincoln for the Second Time a Candidate for the Legislature.—Is Elected. 

The Kindness Shown Lincoln in New Salem 

Lincoln’s Acquaintance in Sangamon County Is Extended 

XVII. Lincoln Finally Decides on a Legal Career.—His First Session in the General Assembly of Illinois. 

The Illinois Assembly of 1834 

XVIII. Lincoln’s First Acquaintance With Ann Rutledge.—The Story of Their Love. 

Ann Ruttledge’s Engagement to John McNeill 

Ann’s Engagement to Lincoln 

XIX. Abraham Lincoln at Twenty-Six Years of Age.

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