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Book bundle containing the last two books in The Echo Saga:

"Frighteningly good! YA Paranormal at its very, VERY best!"

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Echo Into Light
The saga that began with Echo Across Time and Echo Into Darkness continues in another breathless tale that will leave readers begging for more.

Dreams Do Come True...
More than anything, Echo wants to spend every day with Connor. She wants to hold his hand while they walk the school hallways and have a quiet life, safe from the threats they've faced in the past. This amazing life with her soulmate will begin if the Council grants her asylum
in West Region.

An anonymous video threatens to end this dream...
In a secret cavern in Portland, Keenan is rebuilding his broken organization, the Mutila. But his gifted agents are following Echo's lead and fleeing in a mass exodus.

Now, Keenan has declared revenge.
To make matters worse, Jaxon's obsession with Echo takes on a wicked twist, and hundreds of paranormal kids in her community are threatened by Damona, a newcomer wielding strange and frightening power. In the midst of it all, Echo is forced to question her own destiny.

Can Echo and Connor's dream survive?

Echo Rising
It might be hard to grasp, but to those who could not understand my obsessive quest, I wished I could ask:
If someone you loved were taken and held against their will, would you ever give up looking for them? Would you ever stop trying to get them back, even if you knew they might never be the same again?
You know you wouldn't.

In this heart-stopping finale to The Echo Saga, Echo is tormented by the mistakes she made that put Connor under Damona's control, a torment made worse when she finds out that Damona has found another, more personal use for Connor.

Mired in obsession, Jaxon coils an ever-tightening spiral around Echo, one that forces her to consider what she values most: freedom from Jaxon, or Connor's safety.

And now, faced with an impossible choice, Echo will have to mine the depths of her power in an attempt to save Connor--and their destiny--before Jaxon enacts his ultimate revenge.

Young Adult
January 29
Skye Genaro

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