The End of the Line

A powerfully dark and chilling thriller

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    • £1.99

Publisher Description

A race against time on a perilous journey through Siberia with a murderous demon, in this gritty fast-paced horror thriller.

Con-artist Amanda Coleman lives in a London rife with undercover magic. Abras, as they are known, can harness these illegal powers, but for Coleman – whose father was a powerful and abusive practitioner – magic is anathema.

When her criminal crew hire an Abra to help with their heists, they accidentally raise a dangerously violent demon. Now they must race across darkest Siberia to a remote stone circle to kill the creature, in this engrossingly tense and gripping adventure.

But as the demon’s power grows during their grisly chase, Coleman must fight to survive, facing demons both in chains and within herself.

This unique high-octane horror thriller is perfect for fans of Lauren Beukes and James Oswald.

Praise for The End of the Line

‘Williams creates an original world of wonder and menace that leaves the reader guessing.’ No.1 Sunday Times bestselling author, Linwood Barclay

'The End of the Line is driven by non-stop action, strange magic, and gritty noir banter - fun, in other words. Gray Williams has created a matinee double-feature of mixed genre mayhem that aims to please.' Andrew Pyper, author of The Homecoming and The Demonologist

'Absolutely brutal, doesn't look away, and doesn't pull a single punch [...] Reeves is an absolutely stand-out character' Philip K. Dick award-winner, S.J. Morden

'A criminal crew aided by magic, a desperate journey across Siberia, and a twisted demon confined to a steel coffin (make that *mostly* confined...) makes for a tense and claustrophobic read. The End of the Line is a hugely imaginative debut.' Cameron Johnston, author of The Age of Tyranny duology (Angry Robot)

‘A dark and thrilling mix of fantasy and noir, brilliantly told.
 Williams is a confident and exciting new voice in the genre.' Mason Cross, author of Richard & Judy Book Club pick The Samaritan

'Great characters, brilliant set-pieces and so, so imaginative. A great new voice in fantasy.' Michael R. Miller, author of The Dragon's Blade Trilogy

‘An exceptionally satisfying read, by turns twisted, tense and heart-breaking with a couple of extraordinary set pieces that still linger on. This is a remarkably assured debut, with the promise of more greatness to come.' Mark Stay, author of Robot Overlords (Gollancz)

'From the first chapter (well actually from the first sentence in the first chapter)
 I thought wow… in my opinion a bloody good story.' Shotsblog

'A sharply written supernatural thriller that takes no prisoners.' RJ Barker, author of The Bone Ships 

'Dark, devious and disturbing, will keep you guessing right to the last!' David Wragg, author of The Black Hawks

'If a crew of dysfunctional London gangsters, a novice ritual magician and a badass demon all stuck in a claustrophobic cattle truck rattling across Siberia does it for you, I can recommend Gray Williams's The End Of The Line.' Adrian Selby, author of The Winter Road

Crime & Thrillers
8 July

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