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In WW3, which one would YOU be?

It's short, a bit cruel, but it's a book for peace.

Will it scare you enough?
Usually people count world wars, but from a bit from now on, there are wars, there are world wars, and there are nuclear wars.

This one is about the first nuclear war.

In the first nuclear war of man, which one would YOU be?
It is short, a bit cruel, but it is a book for peace.

Will it scare you enough?

And the civilians? Mostly vast grapes of people in front of the bunkers, distress, anger, impatience, chaos, apocalyptic calming calm music, eager propaganda slogans through the night, as they sit and stand and wait and noisy background echo themselves like a full sports arena. Some quarrel with the guards, some are pushed away, others cuddle crying babies, someone hunts someone in the crowd, waste and dirt everywhere. They want into the bunker and the door is only open that one and one only can fit through with a single-out cage where only one can get through, one by one. Shitty cheap wire fence with NATO fence around. All were anxious waiting, pushing, angry, trying, rushing, arguing, gestures, noise, cries, desperation, covered with proud propaganda slogans echoing through the night and calming music. The moment it started to rain, all started to scream out in a sudden loud effort and cried like it’s their last moments in this life, as soldiers rushed in panic towards the bunker door but they closed it shooting some automatic fire muzzle flashes rushing towards the door. All cried screamed whistled on the rain in a sudden and pushed towards the bunker door, some bleeding on the NATO fence, then the first started to vomit and bleed out of the eyes, the kids eyes became black looking upwards to reach for the hand of their god. They all did. In their vomit, in their blood, on their possessions.

It got calm after an hour or three. This happened with many civilians and many bunkers.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
20 June
Christian Kiss

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