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This book is the culmination of the Aiming Techniques in the Acquiring Excellence in Pool Series completely describing the use of Side Spin in Pool Shots. To accomplish this involved a reverse engineering of the process. This led to the development of a easily applied formula for figuring allowance amounts that are adjustable and accurate for different cue types, by distance and stroke selection. These decisions are made during the Pre shot routine so you understand and can feel what you are out to do on the table. Once those decisions are made the quick formula is applied and with confidence you will apply the formula and learn the limitations of your stroke. All of this information is easy enough to learn that anyone can understand it. It will enable the Player to get in touch with the Pool Player Instincts that we all have. Since the technique is learnable you will know exactly how you do everything you do and you will be able to repeat your successes. Included is an in depth education about Front Hand, Back Hand and Regular Applied English. Your stroke will change as you grow as a Player and "feel" will enter your game as I doubt you will be able to stop it. Now you will be able to understand and control it much better with practice. This is everything you ever wanted to achieve as a player and all of my techniques will assist other ways that you have learned to aim. If you are a serious player or if you just love the game you should not be without the books in this series. I have poured my heart and soul into the techniques in the Acquiring Excellence in Pool Series and I trust you will enjoy it as much as I have. Hit them well and teach someone else how to play. You are the future of Pool.

About the Author

Robin Kelly lives in the Winston-Salem, Statesville area of North Carolina where he plays Pool and gives Pool Lessons. Upon returning to playing pool he knew there were better ways to describe to other players, easier ways to play the game. So he made his reentry into the sport about fully describing aiming technique for center ball shots up to the inclusion of Side Spin with it. This book is like no other in the world for that subject matter and its very clearly explained. All of his material is original, unique and is very easy to learn. His motto's for pool are. "When you know exactly how you do what you do, then you can learn to do so much more." Robin says that Pool has given him a lot of joy in his life and he wants to be able to pass that on and hopefully make it possible that Pool will be easier to play and more people will want to play pool.

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May 18
Gatekeeper Press

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