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The Fordhamton Trilogy contains all three episodes in the affairs of Fordhamton. A Little Local Affair begins with the fall out following the suspicious death of Alan Price in a car crash and the ensuing fraud, by-election and strange behaviour of some of the town’s more respected citizens. Return to Fordhamton follows the adventures of Tim Rose who is repeatedly arrested and released by the police for crimes he didn’t commit. He tries to get back to his company training centre but keeps being returned to the town. The terms of Arthur Brown’s will threatens to uncover at least one secret sexual liaison and the public embarrassment of an ethically run Bank and Property Investment Company. The trilogy concludes with The Last Resort where the Mayor’s great idea of an Arts Festival leads to murder, anarchic teaching staff at the local school and the arrival of everyone’s least popular detective.
There is some small sexually explicit detail in the series but the underlying theme is one of dark humour. Fordhamton is set in middle England where some of the residents speak with a mixture of slang and very English colloquialisms. The books do not contain the normal hero/protagonist scenario but offer a broad sweep of the lives and loves of the residents of one small town. It follows their attempts to try to come to grips with a series of very odd and quite bizarre events; and a very nosey detective. Many would echo his own thoughts: “Did you hear that, the third most boring town in Britain. This from a place that was covered in green paint, private investigators found dead, sex perverts serving on the council, a plague of vampire bats, sex parlours, mad women going around stabbing cross dressers with hatpins and a man on the loose who became England’s most wanted criminal. I would hate to serve in the town that came first.” Despite this, most of the characters live happily ever after. Sort of, anyway.

Depending on where this is purchased the whole of book one may be downloaded and most of the first chapter of Return to Fordhamton.

Crime & Thrillers
September 11
John Barber

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