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"Brilliant, a definite page turner. They combine real historical events with fascinating fictional characters.

The twenty-three volumes of the Morland Dynasty series has been completely repackaged in the most elegant style, using contemporaneous artwork for each period.

This wonderful series opens with the back drop of the Wars of the Roses with the marriage between Eleanor Morland and a scion of the influential house of Beaufort. It is a union which establishes the powerful Morland dynasty and in the succeeding volumes of this rich tapestry of English life, we follow their fortunes through war and peace, political upheaval and social revolution, times of pestilence and periods of plenty, and through the vicissitudes which afflict every family - love and passion, envy and betrayal, birth and death, great fortune and miserable penury...

The Morland Dynasty is entertainment of the most addictive kind.

Fiction & Literature
August 25
Little, Brown Book Group

Customer Reviews

Liam EJP ,

The Founding

Decent read but almost impossible to keep track of so many characters, more so with many having the same name.

Janhobbs ,

The Founding

This fabulous start to a riveting series - oh how I wish my history teacher at school could have made the past so interesting. You just have to follow the story thread of the Morland family through time, and the research and writing style bring the social and political history to life in a very readable and entertaining way. I started and had to finish the whole series of thirty plus books, and then I read them all over again. They make you angry, make you laugh and make you cry. Descriptions of the way people worked and suffered over the years are graphic and moving and make you want to go back in time and bang heads together! Other parts of the series cause you to develop deep respect for human achievement and suffering. Starting to sound as if it's all a bit too serious? Yes, the books are based on reality which is serious, but the fictional family make individual books and the whole series a stunningly entertaining read.
Thank you Cynthia for making me interested in the past again; only forty years after achieving eleven percent in my last history exam!

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