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The Frustrated Chef is a beautifully scripted personal journey about a guy called Patrick. In late 2008 at the age of 43, he realised that his whole life was falling apart. With spiralling debts, unfulfilled dreams and a bucketful of negative behaviours; his creativity and tangible abilities lay dormant. 

This book describes how over a two year period, Patrick managed to get up from the floor, dust himself off and subsequently move forward. His dreams of creating a restaurant are told betwixt richly crafted food memories and well explained personal development techniques, which he applies to his situations and then documents. The Frustrated Chef also surprises and delights with a catalogue of sumptuous recipes which Patrick has created from his various trips to far flung places. The book includes an anthology of Goan cuisine; Thai dishes which will make your friends jealous; a host of luscious Mediterranean delights and ten well explained fine dining desserts. Each dish is illustrated with its own photograph and many are accompanied by chef secrets. 

No other book combines food, spirituality and coaching in such a vibrant, funny and logical way. With each chapter he layers the atmosphere; lets you into a little more of his life and in doing so describes how he manages to make everlasting change. The Frustrated Chef is unique amongst self-help books. Through his diary approach, Patrick takes established as well as brand new personal development techniques; explains each one clearly; details their usage; and finally describes the effect they have on his life. Well structured, sensuously photographed, deeply honest and lovingly written. This book will become an instant hit with foodies, yoga fanatics, people seeking permanent and wholesome change - not forgetting those just looking for a good old fashioned happy story. 

The Secret, Eat Pray Love and Chicken Soup for the Soul - Watch out!

Health & Well-Being
September 21
Pat De Souza

Customer Reviews

SEDJ72 ,

Nourishment for the stomach and soul

I have always struggled to find a cookery book with more than just a couple of really appealing recipes. The Frustrated Chef however is a veritable treasure-trove of delicious and achievable recipes, carefully explained and beautifully photographed. The author's story is compelling, enlightening and hopeful. This book is nourishment for both the stomach and the soul.

Garlic4me ,

A good read

This is a good read. It has made me think about what i should be changing in my life. I can't wait to get stuck into the recipes. The pickies look well yummy.

DavisDSouza Family ,

The Frustrated Chef

I absolutely loved this! This guy has picked himself up and has come up with gold. The recipes look amazing - already tried the strawberry soup and it's delicious.....